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    A Visit to Tlaquepaque


    I wound up taking a trip to Guadalajara at the insistence of many friends, even though I’m not fond of big cities. Since I intended to keep my trip relatively short, my friends recommended that I check out two areas, Tlaquepaque (where you’ll find all sorts of artisans and their wares) and the central historical area of Guadalajara.

    One of the things that struck me about Tlaquepaque was the sheer beauty of the place and the elegance of the layout. Many of the streets were closed to traffic, leaving a lot of room to walk in all sorts of directions – and there was a lot to see. I was stunned by the beauty of many of the things that I saw and the comfort that I felt in being there.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    This is where the taxi dropped me off, right outside a main square of Tlaquepaque.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    Here’s another view of the corner where I was dropped off. Since I got an early start, I really wanted a cup of coffee (and breakfast) but when I arrived, many of the shops were still closed. I walked around this building and turned left into the park below.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    As I was walking, I noticed a couple who seemed to be from Canada or the US and I started to talk with them. In response to my request for coffee, they directed me to a hotel, roughly 2-1/2 blocks away that made excellent americanos and breakfast as well. They weren’t sure if I could get something to eat, but they felt I could get a coffee without a problem.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    So I started walking. Above and below are some photos of the sights I encountered along the way.

    mexico tlaquepaque


    mexico tlaquepaque

    A wall across the street from the hotel.

    mexico tlaquepaque rosa morada hotel

    My destination, the Rosa Morada Hotel. It was here I was able to find a great cup of coffee and a sumptuous breakfast for a price of $65.00 pesos. The food was excellent.

    mexico tlaquepaque rosa morada hotel

    Breakfast. Huevos Rancheros in a green sauce.

    mexico tlaquepaque rosa morado hotel

    This hotel offers several rooms that enter into suites off a private courtyard. Doesn’t that hammock look inviting? Rooms here are about $95.00 US per night and come with breakfast included. You can learn more at their web site.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    After breakfast, I spent many hours strolling around this area taking photographs. Below are some examples of what I encountered.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    This candle shot doesn’t look like much, but let me put it in perspective. The artisans who made these actually crafted giant candles. Some were up to 3 feet high by a foot wide. This one was one of the smaller ones.

    mexico tlaquepaque sculpture

    This sculpture, sitting outside of a gallery just begged to be photographed.

    mexico tlaquepaque jasmine flower

    This is the Jasmine flower, which holds some significance for me ever since I encountered it’s beautiful scent last summer when I was on a road trip along the US Pacifc coast. Here, in Mexico, I’ve encountered it several times on my journeys. It’s a kind of touchstone for me.

    mexico tlaquepaque iguana

    Me and Iggy. This was a golden opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, to be photographed with an Iguana (for only ten pesos). The vendor snapped this shot of me. It felt a bit unnerving having its face so close to mine, but the other thing that occupied my attention was how heavy it was. Notice how much I’m leaning to one side.

    mexico tlaquepaque store

    This store immediately got my attention. All those bunches you see to the left are actually lights. Even in the early morning, they were a striking sight.


    The ubiquitous stars, lit from within in another store.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    This set of doors came to my attention as I was walking by. Actually, it wasn’t the doors so much as a woman talking about them, gesturing to her male companion and laughing. Curious, I walked up to the doors and noticed that many panes had been smashed out. I took a closer look and what I saw inside was truly amazing (and hidden). Here’s what I saw.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    This is what was inside, empty and abandoned for who only knows how long.

    mexico tlaquepaque

    Here’s another shot of the beautiful streets (for pedestrians only) in this area.

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