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    A Tale of Two Coffee Snobs


    I make no secret of the fact that I’m a coffee snob. Yup. I love latte’s and Americano’s. Prior to this trip, I had my own espresso machine (a Breville Ikon – which I had to give up since I didn’t have enough room in my car), a burr grinder, and all the accoutrements to make great coffee.

    I was popular amongst my friends and many of them came over for a brew. To add to that, I thoroughly enjoy the process of making coffee, and once Laura and me land somewhere, I’m thinking of taking on some part-time work as a barista, not for the money, but for the enjoyment of making coffee and serving people.

    I had this in mind when I posted a profile on the dating site, “plentyoffish.com.” I included my section on coffee as well as several other interests. I was on this site for several years and while I had a number of short term relationships, but nothing seemed to stick.

    Until this summer.

    I returned to Victoria on June 1st, intending to close down my life there and to return to Mexico in the fall. When I got back, I was having a bit of fun dating and not taking anything seriously.

    Much to my surprise, not only was I having a lot of fun on the dates, I was also having extraordinary success with the women I dated and I had no idea why (I found out later, but that’s the subject of another post).

    One night, a few weeks later, I met Laura at, you guessed it, a local coffee shop. We got along well and had a good time. I didn’t think much of it until a couple things happened. One was an email from Laura that night. At first I thought it was a “Dear John letter,” but when I saw “Delighted” in the subject line I knew all was well.

    The second event was a phone call the next day. Two days later, we met again and midway through the date it became obvious to me that I’d walked into a long-term relationship. Things progressed quickly after that.

    And here we are, traveling together in the US and Mexico, seven months later. It is truly amazing to me just how much we have in common and how well we get along. I never thought I’d meet a woman like her on a dating site, but life can throw you some amazing surprises.

    Travel Implements of a Coffee Snob

    a tale of two coffee snobs

    Above are the main tools of our coffee arsenal. A burr grinder (we each have our own, since Laura is a dark roast girl and I love medium roast), a kettle, two french presses, different types of organic cofee (when possible) and two ultra snobbish Starbucks travel mugs.

    These were pricey, about $30.00USD each, but without a doubt are the best mugs for keeping your drinks hot over a long period. I haven’t found anything better. (Kudos to Laura for this discovery.)

    In our travels, we’ve constantly been on the lookout for good coffee. One of my current favorites is Coffee Ignition, on the main drag in Palm Springs, CA. They make a great Kona blend with a hint of chocolate. YUM!

    In Mexico, nothing really stands out so far, except for Capricho’s in Guerrero Negro. Unfortunately, that’s about all I like about that town. (More on Guerrero Negro in another post.)

    Another place, which I discovered last winter is Cafe’ Exquisito in La Paz. Decent coffee there, and great prices.

    Note: One thing about coffee in Mexico. Cream is hard to come by. Most cafe’s/restaurants serve milk (leche) or artificial creamers (yuck!). You can find cream in the stores, but again, it’s hard to come by.

    Another alternative is Carnation evaporated milk. It’s not the best, but better than nothing if you have to have cream.

    Laura wincing

    Laura, wincing at the taste of some abominably awful coffee at a cafe’ in Loreto. I tasted her coffee and it seemed to be a combination of Nescafe with some godawful creamer. YUK!! I can’t tell you exactly where it is, but it’s kitty-corner to the old mission. They also sell Thrifty ice cream. So far, no problem with that, but for coffee, avoid this place like the plague. You’ll thank me for this, I guarantee it.

    Horrible Coffee

    The coffee cups in question. eeeeYucK!!!


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  • Oh yeah, that coffee was BAD!!!! I couldn’t take one more sip after that first one! YUCKKKK!!!

  • Muy interesante! I recently read an article that talked about how great Mexican coffee was. Of course, that was Oaxaca.

    I’m warned if I go down there.

  • Yes, I’ve heard that as well. I’ve tried out Oaxaca coffee, but wasn’t all that fond of it. My current favorite is Blason Organico, which is available in supermarkets down here. You can see it in the coffee snobs shot.

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