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    A Short Visit to Puerto Vallarta


    Caffe’ Due, a great coffee hangout on the way into Puerto Vallarta. It’s right where the bus from Bucerias stops and you have to catch the connection. The price for a bus ride from Bucerias all the way to downtown is only 15 pesos.

    caffe due
    coffe cafe' due

    Real Italian coffee (Illy, no less) at Cafe’ Due. While the coffee is great, the cream has definitely gone downhill. They’re now serving that powdered stuff, which I loathe.

    posada roger

    A view of the upper levels of Posada Roger, my new digs in Vallarta.The hotel is located on Basilio Badillo, one of the main drags in Zona Romantica (the romantic zone). Interestingly enough, my friend Carrie did a search two years ago and found out that this area is the number one gay destination in North America, I believe.

    courtyard posada roger

    Inner rooms at the Posada Roger, viewed from the third floor, where my room is located.

    view posada roger

    The scenery in the distance, as viewed from my balcony.

    sign olas altas

    A coffee shop/bookstore on Olas Altas, a popular street in the old town of Puerto Vallarta.

    coffee tres leche

    Coffee and tres leche (a very rich cake with lots of milk, making it quite moist), at the above cafe’.

    That’s pretty much it for my shots of Vallarta this time around. It’s been only two years since I was here, but the place has changed a lot. It’s now hugely congested and I don’t like it at all. As a matter of fact, when I saw my hotel room, I nearly walked out then and there. It’s not that the room is bad, but it’s really small and quite cramped, definitely not a place where I want to spend any amount of time.

    To be fair though, the real change has happened inside my being. I’m very different from what I was last time. When I look in the mirror, I see the same face, more or less, but the way I feel inside is hugely different. This was something I didn’t expect.

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