• May

    A New Place to Stay


    Today’s post is relatively short and the point of it is simple. I now have a place to stay, courtesy of my friend Burt Wams, one of two people who offered me a place.

    Burt was introduced to me many years ago by Doug King, the other person who gave me a place to stay for a while. For those of you who don’t know, Burt’s been the one who has taken care of my car over the years.

    If you need service for your vehicle, I recommend that you contact him. The name of his business is Burt’s Automotive. His address is: 831 Devonshire Rd., Victoria, BC V9A 4T5. Tel. (250) 384-6677.

    I really appreciate both Burt and Doug who are helping me at a difficult time in my life. I am extremely grateful to have both of them as friends.

    Thanks to everyone else for your support and for reading my blog.

    © Nathan Segal

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