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    A Neighborhood Dog in La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    As we’ve been getting settled, we’ve been taking in the environment around us. One of the things that captures our attention are the neighborhood dogs. Many are an annoyance and their barking can drive me nuts, especially at night, when several of them tend to get going.

    An exception is this little guy, that Laura spotted one day. Normally I avoid Mexican dogs like the plague, because many of them bark quite viciously behind their gates. In years past, I’ve even been attacked by a few, but this guy was different.

    A dead giveaway was the wagging tail. Laura, being an animal lover, went over right away and immediately made friends. Had the gate been open, I’m sure she would have been licked to death. As it was the dog was very happy to receive the attention, even behind the gate.

    The thing that did me in was that I have a soft spot for these sausage dogs. In a short time, the little guy won me over, too. Now we both look for him when we’re out walking. Welcome to our neighborhood.

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