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    A Highly Creative (and Profitable) Way of Making Money From Your Photographs


    Several years ago I wanted to increase my writing income. To do so, I began to study Internet marketing and found a course by the name of Protégé. It was being mentored by a guy by the name of Jeff Mulligan and his phone number was on the website. I called him. It turned out to be the best (and most profitable thing) I ever did in my entire writing career.

    In our conversations, I became convinced that the Protégé program was the way to go and bought it. When I did, Jeff became my mentor.

    The Protégé course was all about learning the process of Internet marketing. As a result of my studies, I wrote a book called: “The Photoshop Companion,” based on many tutorials I’d written over the years.

    Once I did that, I arrived at the most important part of the Protégé program, the section on joint ventures. If you’ve never heard those words before, here’s how it works: Essentially, you team up with another business that has a list related to your market.

    You then get together to market your product or service. When working with a digital product, the split is usually 50/50, after credit card fees. Depending on what you’re selling (and the price point) it can be quite lucrative.

    Once I had my book finished, I shopped it around for only three weeks before I struck gold with a software company. At the time, my book was a conflict because I’d written about Photoshop and their product was completely different. I offered to rewrite the content so it would fit their product. They said: “Yes,” and we hammered out a contract. In this case it was a hybrid joint venture where I was paid a flat fee every time they sold a software program.

    Then I rewrote the book, an eBook, actually, and I created several videos to go with it. Once it was finished, they marketed it through an automated system online. As part of the ordering process, I was also able to build a list and create more marketing opportunities that way.

    Over the course of the joint venture they sold over 11,000 copies. The first time they turned on the tap, I made $16,900 in three weeks. Some months later, they did it again and I earned $54,500 in two months. It was more money than I’d ever made in my life and it convinced me that joint ventures were by far, the best way to make money with little effort.

    I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity. There are so many ways to make money with joint ventures. This is one way and there are many, many others.

    The challenge is to find the right people. I’ve learned a lot about joint ventures over the years and how to make them successful. To find out how you can use them to add to your bottom line, write to me.

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