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    A Great Resource for Travelers: Elliott.org


    Several months ago, I wrote about a nasty experience I had when using Air Canada to fly to Hawaii.

    You can read up on the whole experience in these two posts:

    Worst Airline Experience Ever

    Worst Airline Experience Ever: Air Canada’s Response

    At the time of my letter, and the dismissive response I received, I was incensed, but I couldn’t see a way to pursue the matter any further, short of hiring a lawyer.

    That is until last night.

    I was on a blog – Elliott.ORG. I was scrolling through the site when I found a section with contact numbers and email addresses for execs in Air Canada if you have a complaint.

    Then, I started reading through the comments. Some were pretty benign.

    Others, like mine were horror stories of appalling customer service (if one can even call it that). As a result, I added a comment to Elliott’s site about my experiences and also sent him an email. I got a note saying that he would see what he can do. If something comes of it, great. If not, I tried.

    More to the point, Elliott’s site is a great resource and useful for just about any traveler. I highly recommend that you sign up for his newsletter.

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