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    A Great Apartment in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


    We’re in a bit of transition right now (yeh, I know, which one?). Seriously, we landed in La Paz a week ago and we now have a new apartment. What makes things a bit interesting is that we’re now in the building where I was living last year. We’re on the same side, just one floor down. Sweet!

    It was great to see my old landlords again. They’re great people and they run a professional operation. Also, the husband is a pediatrician.

    When I got sick last year, I went to him. Since I was renting from him, he waived his fee ($200.00 pesos). I saw him at 9:00am, he sent me for a full complement of lab work the next morning (9:00am). I got it done and the results were ready by 1:00pm.

    I walked back to the doctor’s office and he showed me in right away. The total cost? $395.00 pesos. Excellent service and a lot of compassion. I was very impressed, and despite being sick, felt I was in good hands.

    As for the apartment, here’s the skinny. Our rent is $5,500 pesos (or about $460.00USD/month). When we get our Internet (which should be in the next day or two), and we figure in the cost of electricity, our basic expenses will be about $290.00USD/month. As for the size of the apartment? Roughly 600 sq/ft., with with tiled floors and11 foot ceilings.

    It has large windows in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room, facing east and west, so we get great flow through of air. We have two ceiling fans and two air conditioners. We also have secured parking, which is a great bonus. The apartment comes furnished (with the exception of linens and cutlery).


    Here are some shots of my apartment from last year. It’s the same configuration in this apartment, just the reverse.

    In addition, we have two balconies, one off the living room the other in the bedroom. Plenty of room to sit and enjoy your morning coffee. Outside our front door is a huge landing with a walkway that spans the two buildings here that house the apartments.

    Want to have a party? You can do so at the top of the building. There’s a huge common area with a large palapa and a table with chairs. Here, you have a 360 degree view of La Paz.

    Questions? Write to me.

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  • Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking to move to La Paz in May, do you know of any affordable apartments?

  • Yes, but more to the point, I know of several people you should contact. First off is a building where I lived several years ago, on Republica and Aquiles Serdan. This is an apartment building on the right hand side of Aquiles Serdan, which is four storeys high. All of the apartments are furnished and some include cutlery. To rent the apartments, you’ll need to talk to Senora Flores and you can get in contact with her at the office of Dr. Flores, right across the street, or at the tortilleria on the corner.

    Another person you need to talk to is Robert Renfro, who is a realtor and finds rentals for people in La Paz. His email address is: robert.renfro@gmail.com

    You can also speak with my former landlord, Leticia Martinez. Her email address is: xleticia@yahoo.com

    And finally, I recommend that you join the La Paz Gringos on Yahoo Groups. You’ll find leads there, as well

  • Great, thank you! That is very helpfull, we will let you know how it goes!

  • I would appreciate that. And if you come up with other resources, it would be good to know about those, as well. If you post that here, everyone will benefit by your knowledge.

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