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    A Day Trip to Punta de Mita


    A bug that landed on me in Punta de Mita.

    bug punta de mita

    As you can imagine, I thought I was going to get stung and I danced around frantically trying to get it off. Needless to say, I was so relieved when it fell to the ground.

    boats punta de mita

    Some heavily battered boat hulls at Punta de Mita.

    window punta de mita

    A view from the window of a large hotel on a cliffside overlooking the Pacific ocean at Punta de Mita.

    house punta de mita

    Part of a house under construction at Punta de Mita.

    window punta de mita

    An interior shot overlooking the Pacific ocean.

    chickens punta de mita

    Some of the local residents. I took this shot in Punta de Mita, but chickens seem to be everywhere and we’re surrounded by them in Bucerias. While attractive at first, they quickly become a nuisance, especially when the roosters decide to start crowing at 3 o’clock in the morning. One calls out, then other roosters, hearing the first one, quickly pick up the chorus and then then the damned things are crowing all over town. Small wonder that so many residents are bleary eyed in the morning. I suspect it’s also a reason why I see so many slingshots in the stores and in the public markets. Coq au vin, anyone?

    election mexico

    A view towards the water in Punta de Mita. The poster on the telephone pole is about an election that was held here recently and there were nine candidates competing for the position, which I believe was for the President of Nayarit. One of these candidates, Ney, won the primary and now they move onto the next phase.

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