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    A Classic Pyramid Scheme


    In this scam you’re sent an email message with a list of names and you’re asked to send an amount of, say, $5-10.00 by mail to the person whose name is at the top of the list. You’re then instructed to add your name to the bottom and are directed to forward this new list to a number of other people.

    In this scam, the author lets you know that if more people join this chain and when it’s your turn to receive money, you could become rich.

    What you’re not told is that in many cases, the name at the top (the creator of the scam) remains the same throughout.

    Like the snail-mail version of this chain letter, the email version is illegal. If you participate and are caught, you could wind up being charged with fraud.

    If this type of message arrives in your mailbox, forward a copy of it to spam@uce.gov, then delete it.

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