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    A Change in Perspective and Lifestyle


    All the events of the past two months have caused me to think about my lifestyle and to consider what’s working and what’s not. Among other things, I”m really tired of trying to fit myself into the apartment living lifestyle and of having to find a new place each time I go to Mexico and return to Canada.

    It’s frustrating, tiring and expensive, both in time and in buying/selling possessions. This has led me to a conclusion – I’m done with apartments. Due to my lifestyle, a far better approach is to look at either a van, truck or motor home.

    All of this was spawned by a message I received from J.J. Luna with a free offer of one of his books: OFF THE GRID: Live in a Van, Truck, Trailer, or Motorhome.

    It made me think about my lifestyle and the choices I’d made over the years and especially as of late. I’ve come to the conclusion that rent is an unnecessary expense and that I’d be better off looking at the RV lifestyle, which I think is a better fit with the way I live.

    This idea was bolstered by running into Norman, an old friend of mine from art school days. Among other things, Norman lives on his boat, no longer has a car and sails to warmer climes when the Canadian weather gets ugly. I could do the same thing with a motor home.

    In fact, when I was on the Baja, I passed many travelers who were living for free in motor homes on the beach. I’ll admit I envied them and wished I could live like that, too. It never occurred to me that it might not be all that difficult to turn into reality.

    I’m amazed it’s taken me so long to figure this out. My father was a major fan of motor homes and trailers and I grew up with that way of living. He was also a longstanding member of the Good Sam Club and traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada and even a bit into Mexico with his motor home.

    With that in mind I’m going to start checking out my options and learning about motor homes. I’ll begin writing about my discoveries in future posts.

    © Nathan Segal

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