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    5 Tips to Avoid Sickness in Mexico


    Mexico is a wonderful country to visit and to live, but it also has its own hazards. One of these concerns food. When you’re in a hot country, extra care has to be taken to ensure good health. The following five tips will help you.

    1. Stay Hydrated: This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many problems this causes. It’s crucially important to drink lots of water and in some cases to take electrolytes, as well. You can get those in a grocery store or pharmacy. According to a friend of mine, you want to get the powdered electrolytes made for babies, if you can find them. These are the better ones to have.

    2. Avoid Eating Condiments in Restaurants: Have you ever seen the condiments in restaurants? Especially ones like hot peppers, pickled onions, etc.? Those are routinely left in the open and all sorts of flies and other insects land on them. This is one source of disease and a good practice is not to eat those preparations.

    3. Be careful with mayonnaise. This is one food that can spoil quickly and create illness. If you have any doubts about this food, I recommend eliminating it from the foods you regularly eat.

    4. Many foods don’t last as long in Mexico. One thing to realize is that foods, even ones in your refrigerator, don’t seem to last long in Mexico; I don’t know why. Don’t keep any cooked food longer than 2-3 days at the most. You’ll reduce food related illness that way.

    5. Regardless of where you live, keep all foods covered and sealed. Part of the reason for this is there are many more insects, such as cockroaches, etc. and some lizards hanging about. It’s really important to protect all non-refrigerated foods in tightly sealed containers.

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