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    5 Best Kept Secrets About La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    Currently, I live in La Paz, located on the south Baja California, in Mexico. Here are 5 secrets about La Paz and why you should make it your next travel destination.

    1. La Paz is on a protected bay on the Sea of Cortez. Jaques Cousteau referred to La Paz as: “The world’s aquarium.” Among other things, the bay of La Paz is quite shallow, making it easy to see the fish here.

    There are many sea creatures that migrate here, like the Whale Sharks and there are snorkeling tours where you can go and swim with them.

    2. La Paz has one of the most beautiful Malecon’s (boardwark) in all of Mexico. Stretching 5 KM in length, it’s paved with gray and light terra cotta tiles, forming undulating patterns. It’s well lit and is used by all, at all hours of the day, though it gets the most traffic at night.

    3. If you’re a sun worshipper, this is the place for you. La Paz gets over 300 days worth of sunshine per year. Unlike many locations on mainland Mexico, the climate here is dry, with the exception of summer (from July to September) which can be hot (30 degrees plus and sometimes humid. This is most obvious in the morning, and tends to decrease as the day warms up.

    This year (2010), we were treated to a beautiful July, with fabulous weather. Most of the time the nights were cool and with the southerly breeze, the winds would cool your home/apartment down
    in a hurry. Even today, as I write this (early August), we’re having a lovely morning.

    4. La Paz is off the normal beaten track for tourists. Generally, most go to Cabo San Lucas. Few come to La Paz. Those who do are amazed by the beauty and overall excellent weather.

    5. An amazing thing about the Sea of Cortex is the color, which is a deep blue much of the time and occasionally a lighter blue, reminiscent of turquoise. It’s like being next to a living jewel. If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, the color is similar here. You will be stunned by the beauty.

    So there you have it, 5 good reasons to come to La Paz. If you do, write to me.


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  • Hello! My husband and I are planning a trip to La Paz this August (2011). We booked our trip and are being told that the weather is unbearable in August…is this true? Can you also recommend any hotels near the malecon? Thank you!

  • Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, it’s true. The weather is the worst in August and September. Temperatures of 100-105 degrees are common, every day and humidity of up to 70%. When the humidity got that high I had trouble breathing. After last summer I promised myself that I’d go somewhere else.

    As for hotels, there’s one, I think it’s called the Posada Real and it’s near Chedraui and the Malecon. Another one, which I stayed at is the Hotel Araiza, north on the malecon. It also serves breakfast and is a good price. You would be comfortable there. The most important thing is to make sure you have good air conditioning. You’ll need it.

  • Hello Nathan…….

    I really like your blog, and I’m hoping you can help me. I am a single, mature, Canadian woman looking for accommodation in the La Paz area, preferably on the outskirts, but initially I won’t be picky. I will arrive there at the beginning of January and stay for at least one month, preferably three if I can find suitable accommodation. I would really prefer to share with someone; another female, expat couple or family, or even a Spanish family – that would improve my Spanish quickly! I have a small pension and so need to economize. I am a non-smoker, clean, very responsible and can supply references if required. I am a Ballroom/Latin dance instructor and would like to explore the possibility of starting classes in La Paz. I am also TESOL certified and considering teaching English too, although my first priority is to find a home. If things work out, I hope to spend every winter there and escape the long, cold northern season. So if you know of any place to put up this notice or can put out feelers for me I would very much appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

    Dale Mansfield daleisdancing@yahoo.ca

  • Hello Dale,

    Your first stop is to join Yahoo groups and to find the La Paz Gringo’s group, then join that. Look for postings by Robert Renfro, a local realtor. He specializes in rentals and he has a wide range of listings. There are also other listings by group members from time to time. You might also want to check out the Cruiser’s Club http://www.clubcruceros.net/. As for Spanish, I there’s a school called http://www.sehablalapaz.com/ That would be your best bet as far as I know.

    Good luck.


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