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Vote for Me in Kerala Contest

I need your help. Awhile ago I was approached to fill out an entry form for a trip to Kerala, a place I’d never heard of before (I recently found out it was in India). I filled out the form, fully expecting to be disqualified because my blog is mostly about Mexico. Much to my surprise, I was accepted and was given the opportunity to ask for for votes.

Here’s my profile. As you can see, I’m sitting at zero. In order to be a contender, I’ll need a couple hundred votes to make it happen. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so if you’d like me to win (and write about Kerala later on my blog), I’d appreciate it if you put vote for me.


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Hi, my name is Nathan. I created this site because of my love of travel. It's here that I'll be sharing my adventures and discoveries. You'll learn about hidden treasures, great deals, learn what to avoid and how to get the most for your dollar.

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  1. I participated in the same contest. Good luck to you Nathan.

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